In Search For Meaning. Collection "EnergyART"

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This artwork "In Search For Meaning" was created in 2011-13, inspired by my unending thirst to explore the World and its meaning, and is considered to be one of my "masterpieces" representing my unique concept, technique and style - "Healing ARTS". It was featured in many online and physical Galleries, Art Magazines & International Catalogs including ArtTour International; Inspiration International ArtBook & Gallery; LightSpaceTime Gallery, BLINK Art Platform, ArtsyShark; participated in many Shows & Exhibitions in FL, VT & NY, including major ArtFairs (ArtExpo NewYork, Art SanDiego, SPECTRUM Miami); won several awards (including 3 Covers). Examples: Summer 2013 (Front Cover winner) “Art and Beyond” Magazine ; Feb. 2016 – award @ National Contest “Tell Us Your Story” for National Endowment For The Arts 50th Anniversary

From Collection "EnergyART" of 50+ works, done in my signature Abstract Impressionism-Expressionism style, usually large size, spiritually enhanced and energetically charged, conducive to contemplation and meditation.

Specific details

Name of Artist: Helen Kagan
Width (inches): 36"
Height (inches): 48"
Media: Oil, Acrylic, Mixed-Media
Country: United States