And Tears Fell

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Added 2018-12-30 19:08:57
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When I began this painting, I was watching Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and became inspired by the darkness that dwelled within brightly colored characters. At first, my intention was to depict the moment when despair begins destroying all hope. As I continued working on it, I realized that I was also dwelling on a recent disappointment I had experienced. On the day that I completed the painting, I was finally able to let go of my pain and experience a sense of euphoria. As I was adding the final layer of acrylic for texture and highlights, I actually cried tears of joy. I remembered that destruction makes way for new life, and all pain is temporary. 

Specific details

Name of Artist Summer Berry
Width (inches): 16
Height (inches): 20
Media Acrylic
Country United States
Style or Genre of Painting: Abstract / Expressionism