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    "Natural Things"

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    If I should describe myself with one word, I would say that I am an individualist. The same applies to my art.

    Through my art I explore various feminine aspects, however my foremost interest lies with the intelligence and personality of a woman. I was always interested in brave and strong women, who dared to dream and pursue their dreams. It is our responsibility not to forget that. It is our major responsibility to raise our daughters with dignity and awareness.

    There are so many restrictions, terms, and conditions, in the physical life. Discrimination of many sorts still exists and hurts. Luckily, none of such exists in our inner life. Through my surrealistic canvas, I transfer a moment of a secret and wild dream. An offer a moment of hearing a calling, wandering in surreal landscapes, smelling the air and plants, visiting childhood, and remembering the most important things.   

    Although my subject is mostly women, but my art is for everybody. 

    This painting depicts a young mother with a baby in a surreal garden. Her dreams are secret. She is hiding from real world, dancing with her baby, enjoying beautiful moments.  

    Specific details

    Name of Artist: Vaida Mikliusiene
    Width (inches): 55.12
    Height (inches): 39.37
    Media: Oil
    Country: Switzerland
    Painting Genre: Representational: Figurative / Other
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