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    Moonlight Ghost

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    Added 2019-03-30 17:32:35


    This painting was done for a painting competition celebrating the Bi-Centennial of a Mauresque style bath house in Le Mont-Dore, a hot spring resort area near my hometown in France.

    Seeing the inside of this beautiful house, for some reason, it reminded me of the strange and hauntingly beautiful atmosphere of the classic black and white movies of Jean Cocteau Orpheus and Beauty and The Beast.
    I could see the vision of a moonlight night, being inside the house and observing the furtive and light silhouette of an elegant ghostly figure, climbing the stairs in a long dark robe, then pausing for a moment, as she turns her head and sees she is being observed.

    I used a limited color palette for this painting: Payne's grey, Burnt Sienna, Indian Red and Titanium white. I purposely kept the color saturation fairly low, trying to re-create something close to the black and white atmosphere of the old movies. I started from a warm base, letting it show throughout the whole painting, and using the atmospheric layers of haze to produce the soft light rays from the moon.

    Specific details

    Name of Artist: Christophe Vacher
    Width (inches): 36
    Height (inches): 24
    Media: Oil
    Country: United States
    Painting Genre: Representational: Figurative / Other
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