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    Summer Berry

    About the Artist Along with walking my rabbit, feeding geese, and having breakfast with squirrels, painting has become my favorite form of mindful relaxation. Painting helps center my mind on the gifts of the universe, even when they are obstructed by cognitive distortions. Sometimes these gifts are captured on film and used as a reference for future work. Other times, my paintings are influenced by sketches that portray my inner angst when I find myself in unpleasant spaces. When viewed side by side, these contrasting pieces remind me that all feelings are temporary. Life is not static, and neither are my brushstrokes. My preferred medium is acrylic since it dries quickly, therefore allowing me to continuously add layers to a single piece. I do not allow myself to fixate on creating flawless colors, as I trust the primary colors on my pallet to blend semi-randomly to make something more beautiful than if I was attached to my original vision. There is nothing more liberating than collaborating with random chance.

    And Tears Fell

    Not For Sale
    Country:: United States
    Media:: Acrylic
    Name of Artist:: Summer Berry
    2018-12-30 19:08:57
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