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About the Artist Vasja Grabner is a painter, draughtsman and designer born in 1976 in Slovenia. He is a person with an extensive range of interests, whose art transcends the narrow confines of national boundaries and in which universal values lend themselves to interpretation. His art works are questions that cannot be solved by science, religion or ideology, but can be answered at the level of an individual. As a defender of humanity, Grabner took part in creating a successful international project ART FOR JUSTICE, which points out human rights and minority problems. His recent interests revolve around thought processes, social structures and cultural barriers. He lives and works in Slovenia. ​ *part of the art critic by Mag. Phil. Martin Mössler, MSc President’s Assistant, University of Applied Arts Vienna (AUT)

In my pink world - FINALIST, February 2020

Original and Prints for Sale
Country:: Slovenija
Media:: Oil
Name of Artist:: Vasja Grabner
2020-02-26 01:20:36