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    BEST IN SHOW: Cuban Blend by Alan Wylie

    August 2017 Finalist Paintings - Gallery

    Above: BEST IN SHOW, Cuban Blend by Alan Wylie, winner of $1,000.00 Cash Prize. Read more about Cuban Blend.

    August 2017 Judge: Morgan Samuel Price

    "Cuban Blend is a beautifully rendered watercolor which was a demanding combination of superb design and draftsmanship. The emotional quality of this painting creates a stillness you will not easily forget. This paintings hits on all levels."
    — Morgan Samuel Price

    >> Read more about professional artist Morgan Samuel Price.

    See judge's comments on all 12 finalist paintings below (shown in random order).

    Name of Artist: Kathie Odom
    Judge's Comment: The complimentary color combination of red and green is always going to demand attention. This is a spontaneous plein air painting that makes you smile and delights your eyes. The little green house drives your eye right into this charming painting. Well done!
    Name of Artist: Jason Sacran
    Judge's Comment: Jacob's Ladder by Jason Sacran is filled with light. The effect is so well painted you want to squint at the backlighting of the tree. The color created the perfect temperature for the effect of the light bursting through the back of the tree. Beautifully painted.
    Name of Artist: Heather Arenas
    Judge's Comment: It Takes All Kinds by Heather Arenas has you at first glance! The artist has designed an elongated space which requires a great design not to split the painting into two paintings. The gesture of the numerous figures convey separate personalities which increases the emotional enjoyment of the scene.
    Name of Artist: Nyle Gordon
    Judge's Comment: Nyle Gordon has an emotional impact that makes you smile. Anytime the artist can capture an audience by emotion alone the artist has done a superior job.
    Name of Artist: Tom Shropshire
    Judge's Comment: Vegas Sudden Downpour by Tom Shropshire is a combination of deft watercolor brush strokes that skipped and skidded through this portrayal of Las Vegas in the rain. It captured the effect of Vegas glitter!
    Name of Artist: Chris Krupinski, AWS-df, NWS
    Judge's Comment: Chris Krupinski is a very skilled artist who hit a home run on all her entries but I had to pick one! The design work in this watercolor painting is very difficult. The technical ability of the artist totally supports the beautiful watercolor painting and allows it to shine.
    Name of Artist: Deborah Tilby
    Judge's Comment: White Boats on a Beach is well designed, drafted. This artist has great color and conveys the enjoyment of moment beautifully. The temperature of the day is comfortable which the viewer experiences upon seeing this work of art. This is a skill only gained by lots of time painting plein air.
    Name of Artist: Patrick Saunders
    Judge's Comment: Back From the Bazaar by Patrick Saunders is such a well design of painting, worth studying over and over. The backlighting is very effective. The painting of the texture of the sidewalk is very well done and totally convincing. This artist is highly skilled.
    Name of Artist: Alan Wylie
    Judge's Comment: BEST IN SHOW. Cuban Blend is a beautifully rendered watercolor which was a demanding combination of superb design and draftsmanship. The emotional quality of this painting creates a stillness you will not easily forget. This paintings hits on all levels.
    Name of Artist: Diann Benoit Jamyfield
    Judge's Comment: Sailing Club Palm Beach by Diann Benoit Jamyfield has a very spontaneous quality to this Watercolor painting. The crisp washes add to this quality. The designs abstract quality moves effectively throughout the scene. You take it all in as you move across this watercolor painting. Very well organized.
    Name of Artist: Michael Fabrizio
    Judge's Comment: This acrylic painting is well organized, captivating in color and designed to not let you go! Well done.
    Name of Artist: Derek Penix
    Judge's Comment: Distorted View of New York by Derek Penix is perspective feat. Your eye wants to wander in and out of the buildings and up and down the streets. Making the eye move through a painting effectively, demands thoughtful intention, through effective design.



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