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    BEST IN SHOW: A Window on Bentley’s Backyard by Patrick Saunders

    November 2017 Finalist Paintings - Gallery

    Above: BEST IN SHOW, A Window on Bentley’s Backyard by Patrick Saunders. Read more...

    November 2017 Judge: Carol Marine

    I don’t think there’s anything about this piece I don’t love. The drawing is perfect, the light and shadow are spot on, the brush strokes are superb, and the dog is the cherry on top. Wonderful!
    — Carol Marine

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    See judge's comments on all 12 finalist paintings below (shown in random order).

    Name of Artist: Mary Pettis
    Judge's Comment: The light and shadow play of this piece was the first thing that caught my eye. But as I keep looking I am enchanted by this bridge with so many places to live? Work? Not only is it well painted, it captures the imagination as well.
    Name of Artist: Derek Penix
    Judge's Comment: I love the simplicity and peace of this one. The composition is well-balanced and the texture is superb. The little pops of warm in the fins and tails move me around, but I am left feeling calm and complete.
    Name of Artist: Alan Wylie
    Judge's Comment: Not only is this piece very skillfully painted, the feeling conveyed is one of warmth and happy times. The composition is well-planned and the colors – well I just want to eat it all up.
    Name of Artist: Michael Meredith
    Judge's Comment: This scene is made quite busy with its many brush strokes and lively clouds. And yet (partly) because it is split right in half with the river, I find it all balances out into a grand scene that is wonderfully accessible.
    Name of Artist: Heather Arenas
    Judge's Comment: "This piece caught my eye from far away—the over-all value design is spectacular. I also love the variety of texture, from the relatively smooth background, to the blocked-in skin tones, to the hard vertical lines of the clothes."
    Final Juror of Awards Comment: "The artist has captured the light nicely—you can feel 'Red' soaking up the sun. Just a brush stroke here and there conveys the brilliance of the light. The strong vertical orientation of this painting is balanced by the looseness of the brush strokes—a pleasing combination of realism and abstraction."
    Name of Artist: Suzie Baker
    Judge's Comment: This is such a juicy piece, and yet there is so much that is simply suggested. I love the variety of paint application from the face to the coat to the background. But my absolute favorite moment is the little shadow thrown on the face and beard from the pince-nez. Fabulous.
    Name of Artist: Chris Krupinski
    Judge's Comment: I can practically smell the grapes and lemons as they are warmed by the sunlight. The composition is fun, and the shadows have a wonderful depth to them. Everything is SO well painted!
    Name of Artist: Bruce Bingham
    Judge's Comment: What caught my eye was the color. The over-all golden light sucks you in, but it’s the little yummy bits of blue and orange and turquoise that keep your eye happily moving around.
    Name of Artist: Nicole Moné
    Judge's Comment: I might be biased because I’m an artist myself and so this speaks to me, but I think it’s a great piece. The composition is well-balanced, and the subdued colors work to accentuate his shirt and the pastels. It seems to tell the story of a life-long artist, comfortable with his materials.
    Name of Artist: Patrick Saunders
    Judge's Comment: I don’t think there’s anything about this piece I don’t love. The drawing is perfect, the light and shadow are spot on, the brush strokes are superb, and the dog is the cherry on top. Wonderful!
    Name of Artist: John McCartin
    Judge's Comment: The colors in the trunk of the main tree are enchanting as they range from warm to cool and back again. It is the star of the show, and yet my eye happily roams around the whole piece. The light in the scene is palpable and well-captured.
    Name of Artist: Henry Bosak
    Judge's Comment: On the surface this is a simple scene, but up close it is an entire, fascinating world of texture. We move from the smooth metallic feel of the pliars to the soft, old pliability of the leather, to the (looks like) scarred texture of the table-top. I can feel it with my eyes. Well done.



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