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    BEST IN SHOW: Ginger & Johnnie

    Above: BEST IN SHOW, Ginger & Johnnie by Tina Garrett. Read more...

    January 2018 Judge: Jane Hunt

    “This piece is first and foremost an exciting arrangement of dark and light. The composition is beautifully balanced, and the drawing is impeccable. The tonal palette adds to the sense of intrigue..."
    — Jane Hunt

    Read more about professional artist Jane Hunt.

    See judge's comments on all 12 finalist paintings below (shown in random order).

    Name of Artist Linda Tracey Brandon
    Monthly Judge's Comment: At first glance this is a simple tonal portrait. But the underlying value design, as well as the textures, is so compelling that it just kept me coming back.
    Name of Artist Aleksandra Lis
    Monthly Judge's Comment: The artist has captured pure joy in this piece. The unusual sense of space and the shadow around the figure add a necessary hint of intrigue. Solid drawing skills and a good use of edges make this a very successful painting.
    Name of Artist Anna Rose Bain
    Monthly Judge's Comment: The clouds help add to the wonderful sense of movement in this painting. Well composed, and with great edge control, this piece leaves the viewer wanting to know more.
    Name of Artist Maggie Green
    Monthly Judge's Comment: This piece starts off with an extremely strong value structure and just keeps getting better from there. Wonderful use of grays, an intriguing story, and strong graphic elements all work together to create a very successful painting.
    Name of Artist Mason Mansung Kang
    Monthly Judge's Comment: This beautiful analogous scheme creates a sense of restfulness and harmony. I found myself drawn in and wanting to know where those steps lead.
    Name of Artist Alan Wylie
    Monthly Judge's Comment: This piece is like reality… only better. Impeccably executed, I can feel the cold of the snow and the warmth of the sun. The composition is well-designed and very inviting.
    Name of Artist Tina Garrett
    Monthly Judge's Comment: This piece is first and foremost an exciting arrangement of dark and light. The composition is beautifully balanced, and the drawing is impeccable. The tonal palette adds to the sense of intrigue in this exceptional piece.
    Name of Artist Nyle Gordon
    Monthly Judge's Comment: The subdued and unified color palette works exceptionally well here, Creating a fascinating atmosphere and mood. This everyday story is beautifully told, and underpinned with a strong value design.
    Name of Artist Deborah Tilby
    Monthly Judge's Comment: This artist has very skillfully used a split complementary color palette to create a harmonious, peaceful mood. Strong composition and interesting textures add to the success of this piece.
    Name of Artist Derek Penix
    Monthly Judge's Comment: I feel like a composition this complex should feel frenzied but instead it is restful. This artist has skillfully interwoven deep understanding of value design, color harmony and movement to create something quite special.
    Name of Artist Chris Krupinski
    Monthly Judge's Comment: I find this accomplished piece all the more impressive because it was executed in watercolor. The risky composition works, as does the clever use of a primary triad.
    Name of Artist Ken Faulks
    Monthly Judge's Comment: With confident brushstrokes reminiscent of Edgar Payne, this painter has captured the majesty of the sky. This deceptively simple piece is skillfully designed with textures that could keep you looking for hours.



    January 2018 Artists Choice

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