Quaker State by John Jasper

Quaker State by John Jaster

$500 Cash, Third Prize Winner

John Jaster is an award-winning painter whose works evoke the blissful serenity of  times past.  He currently lives in the Southern California mountains but spends a lot of time working in Dayton, Ohio, as the outdoor scenes in his paintings reflect the many parks and rivers in the area.

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, John moved to California many years ago. Lake Arrowhead, California, where he now lives, is a picturesque village around a mountain lake, and a place where many old Hollywood movies were made.

John prefers the use of thick acrylics due to the short drying time and the ease of making changes while he works.

He was a finalist in the The Artist's Magazine's Annual Art Competition, was featured in  NOAPS Online International Exhibition in 2013 and is an accepted artist in the Raebec Gallery International Art Affair Exhibition.

To see more of John Jaster's art, visit www.JohnJasterStudio.com.