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    Entry fees from PaintingContest.org contribute to our mission to discover and support youth and emerging artists living in places or countries without easy access to art supplies or art instruction. How? By funding the design and donation of art kits with a guided project and art supplies. Each kit includes a non-toxic watercolor paint set, watercolor brush, 140 lb. archival-quality watercolor paper, and instructional guide.  See a Sample Project HERE.


    I lived in Belize, Central America, for 1 1/2 years. There, I learned there were no art classes in the local schools, and art supplies were either unavailable or totally out of reach due to cost. One day, I was shown a painting by a farmer (Nesh Tzib) who worked daily on the citrus orchard surrounding my home near Santa Elena (western Belize). It was amazing, of a peacock surrounded by roses. He had painted it for his mother after losing one eye as a teenager (due to a slingshot). He used housepaint and when he didn't have the color yellow available, he used cool-aid to make it. Very resourceful!

    Vic Oldham web

    Victoria (Vicky) Oldham paints a scarlet macaw during her time in Belize (oil on oil painting paper, 16" x 20"). See it up close here.

    I soon learned that many people in the area were very talented as well. The idea formed: they needed art supplies and direction, and it would give them an opportunity in art that never existed before. I supplied a local farmer, Nesh Tzib, with paints, canvas, brushes, and paid him to paint designs that could go on objects like plates... first, with the idea of creating a series of Belize bird designs. I put together art kits for the kids, and Nesh helped to guide some of them in their first projects, even though he has never had an art lesson himself.

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    American and European tourists daily visit the Mayan ruins in Belize like Xunantunich (pronounced zoo-nan-too-nich, 10 minutes from where I lived in Belize) and on the way to the site, the place is crowded with Guatemalan crafts—no Belizean art. This shocked me, especially after learning that the local people show such an aptitude for art and design. Also, there is extreme poverty and lack of opportunity for most Belizean people. I wondered: could an opportunity in art make a difference? I said yes—I believe, a huge difference. This is why net proceeds from PaintingContest.org will be used to help talented individuals who would otherwise be excluded from participation in the world of fine art. — Victoria Oldham



    Collector Plate Series - BIRDS OF BELIZE by Belizean artist Nesh Tzib



    "Make Art Not War" is our slogan, expressing the concept that art promotes peace through teaching and sharing the excitement and passion for visual arts among all people and cultures.



    Cash award to monthly Best in Show winner. All monthly finalists win a free promoted painting entry, are chosen and critiqued by a different professional artist judge each month, and compete for Grand Prizes awarded in August. Artists may offer to sell their paintings or print reproductions and keep 100% if sold.
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