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    Cash award to monthly Best in Show winner. All monthly finalists win a free promoted painting entry, are chosen and critiqued by a different professional artist judge each month, and compete for Grand Prizes awarded in August. Artists may offer to sell their paintings or print reproductions and keep 100% if sold.
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    This month, it took a little longer to get the award announcement out. We were snowed in for 3 days with a record snowfall in Northern Arizona. Here are some photos so you can see the view from our deck, overlooking Prescott Valley.

    Sedona, where we lived before, is just over the mountain behind us.

    Many artists don't realize that we are doing this art competition ourselves and are not affiliated with any other art organization. This is a good thing because it provides more places on the web where artists from anywhere on earth can participate. We're having good participation from Russian artists too, and today I just added a new "Frequently Asked Questions" item so there is more information on how to translate the website. You can see that here:


    Thank you for being a member and please refer your artist and collector friends! — Tim and Victoria


    VicInSnowDrift 2

    VicShoveling 2

    20190225 065001

    20190225 064942

    20190225 064935

    20190225 064930

    20190225 064928

    20190225 065004

    Professional artist Brian LaSaga expressed his shock and total surprise at winning the First Grand Prize ($1,000.00 cash USD) for his painting "Hillside Relic" entered in the 2017-18 Gateway International Painting Competition. Upon hearing the news, Brian wrote: "Winning the grand prize was totally unexpected on my part simply because there is so much great talent out there. Over the years I've observed that high realism didn't get much attention in art competitions. I'm very happy to see that I was wrong. Thank you Victoria and Tim and of course the final judge Kathy Duley for selecting my work over many other such great pieces."


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