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    September 2017 Judge: Timothy C. Tyler

    "Design is always triumphant in the contest for capturing the eye."
    — Timothy C. Tyler

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    Twelve Small Boats by Deborah TilbyBEST IN SHOW, WINNER OF $1,000.00 CASH AWARD:
    Twelve Small Boats by Deborah Tilby. Judge's comment: Design is always triumphant in the contest for capturing the eye. The balance and flow of the subject matter flows along in this powerful piece. The artist was also careful to minimize some elements which could have destroyed the work; light, drawing and other traits also impress.

    Boating on the Arno by Mason Mansung Kang Boating On The Arno by Mason Mansung Kang Judge's comment: Solidly composed and reminiscent of my heroes Sisley and Monet in the sparkling color of water and "pont." I liked it at once.

    High Oaks Farm by Deborah TilbyHigh Oaks Farm by Deborah Tilby Judge's comment: This work vied for my choice of Best In Show due to its austere, courageous (and educated) design. So many things done right—choices made wisely.

    Koi by Derek PenixKoi by Derek Penix. Judge's comment: A swirling explosion of color and brushwork which happens to also depict those colorful fish which have tempted and usually thwarted artists efforts for centuries...this one works!

    Brad by Jodie KainBrad by Jodie Kain. Judge's comment: In what appears to be a straightforward portrait of a man in relaxed pose, it actually displays magnificently sensitive treatment in facial hair and the temperatures. The arm for example,  is wonderfully painted.

    Silver Jug by John McCartinSilver Jug by John McCartin. Judge's comment: Firstly, I gave this artist three awards. I think in professional contests, the best works ought to be appreciated and acknowledged. This is solidly painted and composed well.

    Still Life by John McCartinStill Life by John McCartin.  Judge's comment: Solidly painted with great color and brushwork. the surface quality alone impresses. Color temperature and edge handling is amazing.

    Not So Black and White by Chris KrupinskiMorning Light by John McCartin. Judge's comment: Magnificent piece reminds one of Sargent's fluid landscapes with perfect color and wonderful composition. I love it! and could rant on for paragraphs.

    Plein Air Painters by Ned MuellerPlein Air Artists by Ned Mueller. Judge's comment: This colorless little work would be dismissible amid works of bold chroma but for the delicate composition, exquisite drawing and amazing edges from the hand of a master.

    Screwdrivers by Henry BosakScrewdrivers by Henry Bosak. Judge's comment: Too often artworks done with great fidelity suffer from overload of color and confusion. This artist has designed with informed eye using the green and red relationship  and making this about light and giving the piece movement.

    Weathered Entry by Brian LaSagaWeathered Entry by Brian LaSaga. Judge's comment: This is a delicately painted work with great realism but it's the design which elevates this above the mundane. I love skill and knowledge evidenced together.

    Bleached by Sarupa SidaarthBleached by Sarupa Sidaarth. Judge's comment: I admire originality and am a sucker for interesting surface treatment especially when it courts that fine edge between abstraction and representational art.