PROSPECTUS - The Gateway International Painting Competition 2019 - 2020

Online Monthly and Annual Juried Painting Competition from August 1 to July 31 Each Year. Cash awards and certificates. Finalists from all 12 months compete for Grand Awards in August.

See all GRAND PRIZE WINNERS AND FINALISTS, 2018-2019 Gateway International Painting Competition.

Now in its 6th year, The Gateway International Painting Competition is an online monthly and annual juried painting competition at www.PaintingContest.Org. Open to artists world wide over 18 years old, with cash prizes awarded each month to Best in Show winners in 3 categories (Representational Professional, Abstract Professional, and Novice/For the Love of Painting). Certificates with Judges' comments and free promoted painting entries awarded to all Best in Show and Finalist winners.

All traditional painting media is accepted including but not limited to oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, pencil, ink, and mixed media.

Best in Show and Finalist winners are announced the month following the close of the monthly competition, after the 20th day. This gives Judges time to make their selections and write comments for each Best in Show and Finalist painting. Up to 16 separate comments may be written in any given month. Additionally, Award Certificates are prepared for download and printing. Best in Show and Finalists from all months of the competition contend for annual Grand Awards in August. See the RULES HERE.

This goal of this painting competition is fundraising to produce art kits for students with limited access to art supplies or art education. Learn more.


THREE CATEGORIES OF ENTRY (same rules and entry fees apply to all categories):

1. REPRESENTATIONAL, PROFESSIONAL: (realism, impressionism, etc.)

  • Up to 6 monthly finalists, including ONE monthly Best in Show winner.

2. ABSTRACT, PROFESSIONAL: (abstract, expressionism, surrealism, other nonrepresentational, etc.)

  • Up to 6 monthly finalists, including ONE monthly Best in Show winner.

3. NOVICE and/or FOR THE LOVE OF PAINTING: Any style painting. For our purposes, this is anyone who is new or returning to painting from a long absence, from those just beginning to those in a developing stage, and artists who are learning, or hoping to develop a career in painting. IMPORTANT: EXCLUDES artists who are recognized full time, gallery-represented professional artists (basically, those artists who make a living with their art).

  • Up to 6 monthly finalists, including ONE monthly Best in Show winner.





Paintings posted in the competition may be regular entries or "Special Promoted" entries. "SPECIAL PROMOTED" PAINTINGS RECEIVE PAID POSTS in SOCIAL MEDIA for INCREASSED VIEWS. We pay extra to advertise "Special Promoted" paintings in social media, targeting the painting to a new audience focused on artists and art collectors. A "Special Promoted" painting has a small yellow star to the right of the thumbnail image on the Entries page, where you can also see the changing number of views. "Special Promoted" paintings automatically appear on the home page of this website as soon as they post. Read more about "Special Promoted" paintings.

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MONTHLY BEST IN SHOW CASH AWARDS, EACH CATEGORY (based on total entries per month from all entering artists, PER CATEGORY): from 10 to 25 entries, $50 cash; 25 to 50 entries, $100 cash; from 50 to 100 entries: $250 cash; 100 to 200 entries, $500 cash; over 200 entries, $1000 cash.

* Cash prizes paid via immediately following announcement and confirmation of email to use for payment. Under 10 paintings entered in a category, then finalists receive free entry and Award Certificate with Judges' comments only. Regardless of number of monthly entries, all Best in Show and Finalist paintings are entered into the annual competition.

All Best in Show and Finalists receive an Award Certificate with Judges' comments (downloadable, online ready for printing), and one, free "Special Promoted" painting entry with a paid promoted post in social media (such as Facebook/Instagram). All Best in Show and Finalist winners from all 12 months of the competition compete for Grand Awards in August.


One Year Membership — Annual Membership registration, $25.  Thereafter, $15/annual membership. IMPORTANT: In addition to your one-year membership registration fee, each painting entry is AN ADDITIONAL $10 (or less with purchase of a discount entry plan). ENTER AS MANY PAINTINGS AS YOU WISH DURING THE TERM OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP.
* Note: each painting you enter appears on its own dedicated page, including an enlarged view, full details, direct contact to you and link your website.
Also, your membership year is separate from the actual competition year which begins in August... meaning, if you sign up in any other month than August, your membership is good for one full year... and you can enter the next competition without paying the member registration again if you're still within your annual membership period.


Monthly Competitions: Opens at 12:01 am first day of each month and closes at 11:59 Arizona USA time on the last day of each month. Each painting is date stamped for the record of entry.
All Finalist paintings from monthly competitions are entered into the annual competition, running from August 1st to July 31st.




This international online juried painting competition, exhibition and artist promotion was started by Victoria Oldham while living in Belize, Central America in the summer of 2014. It was there it began as a fundraiser for art kits aimed at students with no access to art supplies or art education. Painting competition launched as "The Gateway To Sedona Artist Competition," and later, "The Sedona Art Prize" Today, we are known as "The Gateway International Painting Competition." Anyone, anywhere on earth, can participate so long as they have Internet access and can upload a photo of their actual painting which was created using physical painting media such as oil, acrylic, watercolor, ink, pastel, pencil, or mixed media.

The website, www.PaintingContest.Org, is a publication of Range Dog Publishing Inc which is fully owned, operated, and managed day-to-day by Victoria Oldham and Tim Ernster.

Victoria is a life-long professional artist, commercial sculptor, graphic and web designer, and publisher. Tim has had a 39+ year career as senior manager in municipal government. He currently serves as the PaintingContest.Org business manager.


  • Grand Prize cash awards in August after the close of the competition, selected from among finalists from all months of the competition.
  • Publication of "special" promoted paintings in social media paid posts.
  • Multiple painting entry plans at reduced rates.
  • Ability to sell your paintings and keep 100% of the sale. "Buy Now" and auction selling features if desired (promoted painting plans only).
  • Artwork stays on the website for the entire competition year.
  • Promotion of member artist's events: workshops, shows and gallery openings in our event calendar.


Please call us (Tim or Victoria) with any questions: 928-201-5082 or 928-282-4326.

Email us with questions, any time: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 We look forward to your participation and success!


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