The Gateway International Painting Competition is always interested in qualified guest Judges to help with judging paintings in any of our three categories: Representational Professional, Abstract Professional, and Novice/For the Love of Painting. When guest judges are not available, our in-house team selects winners and writes comments (PaintingContest.Org Panel of Art Professionals). Learn more about Judge's Rules and Compensation here:


If you are a qualified art professional and interested in serving as a monthly Judge, please let us know. See below for what we look for in a judge, and how we can help support your efforts as well, whether it be promoting your workshops, events, or publications. Email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include the link to your website to help us learn more about you.



MONTHLY BEST IN SHOW CASH AWARDS, EACH CATEGORY (based on total entries per month from all entering artists, PER CATEGORY): from 10 to 25 entries, $50 cash; 25 to 50 entries, $100 cash; from 50 to 100 entries: $250 cash; 100 to 200 entries, $500 cash; over 200 entries, $1000 cash.

* Cash prizes paid via PayPal.com immediately following announcement and confirmation of email to use for payment. Under 10 paintings entered in a category, then finalists receive free entry and Award Certificate with Judges' comments only. Regardless of number of monthly entries, all Best in Show and Finalist paintings are entered into the annual competition.

All Best in Show and Finalists receive an Award Certificate with Judges' comments (downloadable, online ready for printing), and one, free "Special Promoted" painting entry with a paid promoted post in social media (such as Facebook/Instagram). All Best in Show and Finalist winners from all 12 months of the competition compete for Grand Awards in August.





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