ENTRY CATEGORIES: How do I choose the correct category?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to painting, or returning from a long absence, choose the "Novice/For the Love of Painting" category. You would not be stuck there forever, but you don't want to compete unfairly against artists who have been painting full time for years and have an advantage with judges (because they are often recognized, well known for their work, etc).

Additionally you would only use the professional categories in either Abstract OR Representational styles if you are a full time professional painter,  but please don't enter the same painting in both categories (in one category one month and the same painting in the other category in another month). You COULD, if you wanted, enter an abstract painting and a representational painting in the same month (different paintings) and use the correct category for each one. In the end, it's your call, but we don't want you to be disappointed. The most valuable thing is that your painting is in the competition, on exhibit with us, and discovered by a new audience.


1. REPRESENTATIONAL, PROFESSIONAL: (realism, impressionism, etc.)

2. ABSTRACT, PROFESSIONAL: (abstract, expressionism, surrealism, other nonrepresentational, etc.)

3. NOVICE / FOR THE LOVE OF PAINTING: This category is for part-time, non-professional painters and can be any style of painting (representational to abstract). Anyone who is new to painting or returning to painting after a long absence may enter in this category. If you are represented and marketed by a fine art gallery, you should probably choose the "professional" categories. However, if you are exhibiting your paintings as a student artist or paint for enjoyment and exhibit and sell through a community art center, you may choose Novice/For The Love of Painting.