Why enter a description with your painting? Well, besides the importance of promoting your painting and you as an artist, if you fail to add your own description, then the automated social media posting will instead pick up a review of someone else's painting and now we can't link back to your painting! The automated aspects of Facebook and others cause it to look for nearby text to go with links and pictures, and it's impossible to fix what they have paired with your painting later on because we can't control what they do. If you have a "Special Promoted" painting, this is especially important!

YOUR DESCRIPTION CAN BE ANYTHING YOU WANT! The description can be from several sentences up to approximately 1000 words (6300 characters with spaces).

The description should be entirely different for each painting entered and is VERY important to the successful promotion of your painting. Some suggestions for your written description may include:

1. What inspired you to create your painting? What is the story surrounding this artwork?

2. Describe your philosophy/approach to painting; what do you consider your style and how does this painting relate?

3. What were your challenges creating this painting? What was difficult? What was easy?

4. Tell us something about your background and how it relates to your painting entry.


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