ENTERING THE SAME PAINTING AGAIN: Can I enter the same painting in future months, or move a painting entry from one month to another month?

You can enter a painting again, as long as the painting has not been selected as a Best in Show painting in a previous month. However, you may not move your date-stamped painting entry from one month to another month — or it is disqualified from the competition.

The reason why you may want to enter the same painting again (if it didn't win in a previous month) is because there is a new judge every month; just because your painting was not selected by one judge, it may have a good chance of being selected by another judge in another month.  PLEASE NOTE: the painting entry fee applies again, even though it was entered previously. This is because the previously entered painting is date stamped, displayed, promoted, and recorded as part of a specific month's competition; therefore it can not be moved. Also, at PaintingContest.org, we depend on monthly entry fees in order to continue and manage this painting contest and promotion opportunity. (By the way, if you use our Multi-Painting Discount packages, you'll save substantially on entry fees. Log in first to see the packages available.)

See our Rules section on the date stamped entry:

"The painting entry time is date stamped to Arizona USA time and displays on the page with each painting. Each painting receives an actual server-time date stamp which can not be changed due to the fact that this is an official competition awarding cash prizes. Therefore, each separate entry is considered part of the legal and historical record. Date stamped entries which are later moved by the artist to a different monthly category are disqualified as the original date stamp will always display.
Artists may enter the same painting in a future month (if it has not been selected as a finalist), but since each month represents a new competition, the painting must again be entered, image uploaded, and entry paid to receive the new monthly competition date stamp.
Each monthly competition ends in the final minutes and seconds of the named month, Arizona time. (To confirm the time if submitting a painting in the final hours, type in Googe search: 'time in Arizona USA.')"



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