ADD A PAINTING: How do I add or enter a painting?

You must be a registered member and logged in! GO HERE TO REGISTER.

After you register, you must still separately purchase one or more painting entries. This is just like buying "credits," each credit used to enter a painting any time during your membership. You will receive a receipt with our company name: RANGE DOG PUBLISHING INC. (It may appear on bank statements as "Range Dog Pub," with the "pub" word being short for "publishing.") Now that you are a member, GO HERE TO LOG IN.

When you log in with your user and password, you'll automatically land on the "Add Painting" page, in the top menu. YOU NEED TO BE ON "ADD PAINTING" TO BEGIN YOUR PAINTING ENTRY PROCEDURE.

IMPORTANT: You will not be able to see the "Add Painting" link unless you are logged in! See the login link at the top of the website.


Once logged in and on the "Add Painting" page, go to Step 1 which says, "Click HERE to Purchase One Painting Entry OR Multiple Entry Discount Plan." The reason for an entry "plan" is because many member artists wanted to buy multiple entry credits all at once and not have to go back to PayPal every time they want to enter a new painting. Also, we give a discount for multiple entry plans. Find the plan you want, then click the "Select" button, and pay with PayPal or credit card. After you pay and check out, your PayPal confirmation should appear in your email with the name RANGE DOG PUBLISHING INC, or RANGE DOG PUB (or look in spam if you miss it). Also, we never take credit cards or payments at our website or over the phone—you deal directly with PayPal always, and after the payment, return to this website.


After confirmation of payment, return to "Add Painting" and see Step 2, "Add Painting Entry From Your Current Plan."  Remember—this option ONLY APPEARS WHEN YOU ARE LOGGED IN. This is a system which makes entry "credits" available to you; it allows you to add the painting entries you purchased without paying again until all your credits are used for as long as you are a member.




Example: say you purchased the 3-painting package (which offers a discount—3 painting entry credits for $27 instead of $30). You can use one of those credits this month, or all 3 this month, or wait and use one or more credits in later months. OR, if you prefer, you can even wait until July 31st, the last day of the annual competition, to use your credits! And you don't need to pay again until you use these credits up. It's all up to you! Your entry credits will sit and wait for you until you're ready! And you can always buy more painting entry credits any time you want to.

Note: If you have credits remaining after the close of this annual competition on July 31, you can now continue to use them in the next annual competition.

Now that you've selected and purchased a painting entry plan, it is on our website waiting for you to use. When you log in and click on Step 2, "Add Painting From Your Current Plan," you'll see your available entries (remember, they're like credits) under "Your Subscription Plans." See the big blue button, "Add New Painting," and click to access the painting entry form.


The Painting Entry Form

When you enter a painting, be sure to complete all the fields for your entry to "save" correctly. One required field that is often missed is the category field, which is really two fields: the competition name and then the subcategory, such as Representational Professional, Abstract Professional, or Novice and/or For the Love of Painting (the month of entry is now determined solely by the date stamp on the painting, which can not be changed). If your internet connection is slow, wait a moment for the subcategory box appear after first selecting the competition name. See the screenshots below...



 Enter only numbers in the price area; leave the price blank if there is no price, or it's not for sale.

Tooltips and price entry

The maximum image file size is 3 megabytes. You simply drag your image into the box. File names should end in .jpg or .png.



If your painting includes a "Special Promotion," be sure to select "365 Days." See below.



Check Your Painting Entry!

Go to the top of the website and look for the menu item, Latest Entries. You will find the thumbnail image of your painting. Click on the thumbnail and it will take you to your full page with your painting entry: the large image and all the extra details.

Your entry will go down the page as new entries come in, so to find your painting at a later time, go to the Search page here. For more information on how to use Search, see it in our Frequently Asked Questions: Search.


STEP FIVE (optional):

Only if you need to, you can EDIT your painting entry in the current month of entry — this is entirely optional! See our Frequently Asked Questions: Edit Your Entry section for more information. If you need to edit a past month (for example, to change a painting from "for sale" to "sold"), please email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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