FAVORITES: What is the little "heart" symbol? How do I use "Favorites"?

Using our "FAVORITES" tool is a great way to collect the paintings you like so you can easily add a comment.

LOGGED IN ARTISTS ONLY: It's easy to comment on paintings you like by first adding them to your "Favorites." You can add or remove from your favorites page at any time. No one else can see your favorites but you. Favorites are shown by a little "heart" symbol next to your painting.


1. First, you must be logged in to use Favorites.

2. After you are logged in, you can find an entire month of paintings in one place. In the top menu, find "Latest Entries" and then drop down beneath it to the correct competition and then to the month you want. You'll see thumbnail images of all the paintings. These thumbnail images change position each time you refresh the page.

3. Click on a thumnail image of the painting you want to see. This opens up the full image view.

4. See the little link with the heart icon, or symbol, just above the painting that says, "Add to Favorites." Click it. Now this painting is on your "favorites page."
REMEMBER: No one else can see your favorites but you. Also, if you add a comment, it will be anonymous — no one will see your name or identification.

Return to the top menu. Look under "Home" and you'll see "Favorites" (as long as you are logged in).

HOW TO REMOVE A PAINTING FROM YOUR FAVORITES: Your collection of favorites will first show the thumbnail images of your favorites. To remove a painting from your favorites, click on the thumbnail image to go to the full size image. Now see the link above the painting that says, "Favorites." Click this and it will remove it from your favorites.


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