AUCTION: How can I use the Auction and "Buy Now" options?

Artists who purchase "Special" promotion with their painting entries have the option to use our auction or "buy now" feature.


1. First, you must be logged in. Then be sure to enter your PayPal email on your artist profile page. This allows the winner of your auction to go straight to your PayPal account and pay you right away. Be sure to include shipping fees and taxes when you sell.

3. Post a new painting with one of the Special Promotion plans. This now includes the auction or buy now feature. Only plans with "Special Promotion" include the auction or "buy now" feature.

4. Read the "tooltip" instructions when filling in your painting entry form. These are shown by clicking on the little icons with a question mark at the far left of each form field. This will help you enter the right information.

5. If using the auction, always set a reserve price so your painting sells for at least what you want to get for it.

6. You deal directly with your buyer when you sell — and as always, in this painting contest YOU KEEP 100% OF YOUR SALE.

7. Please include shipping and taxes in your reserve price total or indicate this information separately somewhere in your painting's description field. Although most buyers know they must pay the shipping, it's a good idea  to let your buyer know these costs are additional ahead of time. Plus, you don't want to sell yourself short!

7. If you don't want to create an auction, you don't have to! Just leave those fields blank. The auction and "buy now" features are optional!

See the updated rules regarding selling:

SELLING FROM OUR WEBSITE, THROUGH THE CONTACT FORM, OR THROUGH THE AUCTION AND BUY NOW: If the Artist sells paintings through this website, the Artist (or his or her representative) agrees to complete and manage the sale, including prompt communicating with the buyer, shipping to the buyer in proper packaging to protect against product damage, and collecting shipping and taxes from the buyer. The artist further agrees to sell only ONE original of a particular painting through this website, but may sell any number of prints so long there is no misrepresentation to the buyer regarding stated numbers or limits on print reproductions or editions. does not place itself between seller and buyer, but strives to maintain the highest reputation to promote all its member artists to the highest standards possible.




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