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    Pat Stacy, professional artist

    Professional painter Pat Stacy will judge the February 2019 Abstract Professional Level entries.  Pat Stacy exhibits her work in Sedona and Scottsdale, Arizona, and Moab, Utah. Her art is represented in collections across the USA and internationally.

    Bruce Bingham, professional artist

    Professional painter Bruce Bingham will judge the February 2019 Representational Professional Level entries.  In addition to a long and impressive list of accomplishments and memberships, she also produces instructional videos and a podcast about painting.

    Linda Glover Gooch, professional artist

    Professional painter Linda Glover Gooch will judge the January 2019 Representational Professional Level entries.  Linda is a Signature Member of Oil Painters of America, and Master Signature Member of American Women Artists.

    Marne Jensen, professional artist

    Professional artist Marne Jensen will judge the January 2019 Abstract Professional Level entries. Marne's award-winning art has been shown in a variety of juried and invitational shows; she is currently represented by Parklane Gallery in Kirkland, WA, and Fogue Studios & Gallery, Seattle, WA.

    Valerie McMullen, professional artist

    Professional artist Valerie McMullen will judge the December 2018 Abstract Professional Level entries. Valerie is a Signature Member of the Arizona Watercolor Association and a Juried Member of the Arizona Art Alliance.

    Greg Scheibel, professional artist

    Professional painter Greg Scheibel will judge the December 2018 Representational Professional Level entries. Greg has received numerous awards for his work, including Awards of Excellence from the Oil Painters of America on three occasions. He is a Signature Member of that organization, among others.

    Jane Davies, professional artist

    Professional artist Jane Davies will judge the November 2018 Abstract Professional Level entries. Jane is a full-time professional artist whose abstract expressionist works consist of collage, painting, and encaustic. She is author of numerous publications and videos with a focus on abstract painting and collage.

    William Schneider, professional artist

    Professional painter William Schneider will judge the November 2018 Representational Professional Level entries. Bill is an accomplished professional artist, but also a lifelong student of art, continually learning through study of the works of other acclaimed fine artists. Bill is a signature or master member of many prestigious professional artist organizations.

    Tom Shropshire, professional artist

    Professional artist Tom Shropshire will judge the October 2018 Abstract Professional Level entries. An award-winning contemporary impressionist, Tom's works include vivid impressionistic paintings of city nocturnes, moody, atmospheric landscapes, and luminous abstract expressionist works nuanced by elements of myth, dream and fantasy.

    Sara Linda Poly, professional artist

    Professional artist Sara Linda Poly will judge the October 2018 Representational Professional Level entries. Sara is best known for her paintings of atmospheric landscapes and sweeping skies. Sara has been the winner of numerous awards and a participant in many regional and national shows and plein air competitions.

    Nicole Moné, professional artist

    Professional painter Nicole Moné will judge the September 2018 Representational Professional Level entries. Award-winning California-born artist Nicole Moné lives and paints in Westchester, New York. Her representational paintings reside in collections throughout the United States and abroad.

    Lisa Mann, professional artist

    Professional painter Lisa Mann will judge the September 2018 Abstract / Nonrepresentational Professional Level entries. Lisa uses cold wax with oil paint; she strives to "walk the line between what we see and what we perceive."

    Laurie Barmore, professional artist

    Professional abstract expressionist painter Laurie Barmore will judge the August 2018 Abstract / Nonrepresentational Professional Level entries. Laurie is a abstract expressionist painter using a style which has been described as "visual poetry."

    Bill Cramer, professional artist

    Professional painter Bill Cramer will judge the August 2018 Representational Professional Level entries. He believes that painting on location and in the studio are complimentary pursuits, each enriching the other. The opportunity to experience and paint some of the most scenic places in America has contributed greatly to his artistic growth.

    Jason Sacran, professional artist

    Jason Sacran is an artist/painter living in Arkansas. He has been invited to many exhibitions and awarded many times with such organizations as the Oil Painters of America and the American Impressionists Society among others.

    John Buxton, award winning historical painter

    Award-winning artist John Buxton attended the University of North Carolina briefly before graduating with a degree from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. John was a successful professional illustrator for 31 years before becoming a full-time historical painter.

    Susan Faust

    Susan Faust served as a judge in the Sedona Art Prize painting competition (2016-2017) and returns as a judge in the Gateway International Painting Competition. Susan is a featured artist in the PBS television series, “The Artist’s Workshop,” and a featured artist in Pastel Artist International Magazine.

    Suzie Baker, professional artist

    Professional artist Suzie Baker exclaims, “I can't NOT paint!” She’s always thinking of what to paint next. Suzie has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising and Fine Arts from Louisiana Tech University. Following her degree program, Suzie worked as an ad agency Art Director before becoming a full time painter.

    Matt Sterbenz, professional artist

    Matt Sterbenz is former President of the Arizona Plein Air Painters. He has participated in some of the nation’s top plein air events, including the Grand Canyon Celebration of Art, Sedona Plein Air Festival, and the Pacific Northwest Plein Air Event. Matt’s work has been featured in publications including Southwest Art and Plein Air magazines.

    Mary Pettis, professional artist

    Considered an “Expressive Realist,” ARC Living Master™ artist Mary Pettis has traveled the world to paint and teach. Classically trained, she has studied with other renowned artists.

    Jane Hunt, professional artist

    Jane Hunt is a faculty member of the Plein Air Convention in 2017 and a demo artist and speaker at the Oil Painters of America National Exhibition. Her work has been featured in Southwest Art, Fine Art Connoisseur, Art of the West, Plein Air Magazine, and others, and is represented by galleries in the US, as well as in her native England.

    Professional Artist Kathie Odom

    Kathie Odom has received numerous awards in plein air events across the nation. She is a signature member of the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association, a member of the Plein Air Painters of the South East, and signature member of the Women Painters of the Southeast. She keeps her car packed with all the painting supplies needed for the road, because, “It’s hard to ignore beauty when it happens!”

    Carol Marine, professional artist, instructor, speaker and author.

    Professional artist Carol Marine will judge and select finalists for the November 2017 Gateway International Painting Competition. From October 2006, professional artist Carol Marine has created one small painting—almost every day! Through this dedicated process, she has achieved amazing success as an artist with a large and loyal following.

    Artist Carl Dalio

    A successful fine artist and free-lance illustrator with a degree in architecture, Carl Dalio returns as a judge in the October 2017 competition. His paintings have received many awards and have been included in several national exhibitions.

    Professional Artist Timothy C. Tyler

    “Tim Tyler is a contemporary artist who works in a representational manner. Inspired by the Old Masters, Tyler's skills and technical ability to achieve high levels of realism are impressive, yet it is his visual wit, use of satire and clever method of social commentaries that he weaves into his compositions that elevate his works above practicing realist artists.

    Professional Artist Morgan Samuel Price

    Often called “Florida’s Painter,” Morgan Samuel Price is a master artist renowned for her signature style and painting workshops held across the globe. Her notable accomplishments are many, including participation in over 60 national exhibitions, author of two books and numerous online videos and instructional DVDs.

    Stuart Shils

     Stuart Shils is well known for his unique landscapes depicting the experience of Italy, Ireland, and his home terrain of urban Philadelphia where he grew up. He studied at the Philadelphia College of Art and The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts where he currently teaches on an ongoing basis.

    Professional Artist Libby Caldwell

    Libby Caldwell is known for her unique style and mastery of genre paintings, focusing on narrative and allegorical subjects. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in England, Spain, Texas, and most recently in both Sedona and Phoenix, Arizona.

    Linda Goldenstein

    Linda Goldenstein is President of Goldenstein Gallery, voted "Best Gallery in Sedona" for nine years running; she is also the September Judge for the Sedona Art Prize. Prior to her gallery in Sedona, she partnered in an art gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

    Artist Carl Dalio

    With a degree in architecture, Carl sustained an interest in art and architecture through his work as a successful fine artist and free-lance illustrator. His paintings have received many awards and have been included in several national exhibitions.

    Artist Pat Benincasa

    Pat Benincasa is an award-winning artist whose passion for geometry is expressed in multi-faceted ways through her dimensional glass sculptures, paintings and drawings. She is currently Chair of Visual Arts Instruction at the Perpich Center For Arts Education in Golden Valley, Minnesota.

    Robert Burridge, professional artist, instructor, speaker and author.

    Robert (Bob) Burridge was formally trained as a painter in college, but worked as a successful industrial and graphic designer for 25 years before becoming a professional painter.

    Jan Sitts, professional artist, instructor and author.

    Jan Sitts has spent more than 30 years as a professional painter  and art instructor. Today, she is recognized for her large collection of contemporary works characterized by exuberant color, visceral texture, and bold design.

    Jeanne Bessette, professional painter and workshop instructor.

    After a successful 13 year career as a photographer, Jeanne Bessette felt the draw to return to her original love: painting. Her work can now be seen and purchased in over a dozen galleries across the United States.

    Kathryn Stats, professional artist

    Kathryn Stats studied with artists in the Salt Lake City area on a continuous basis for approximately 20 years and continues to study books on color and landscape painting including Plein Air California Painters, Taos painters, Carlson’s Guide to Landscape painting and the Russian masters, favoring Vasily Polenov.

    Susan Faust

    Susan Faust graduated in 1973 from West Virginia Wesleyan College with a BA in Fine Arts. She first pursued a career in ceramics and became a master potter and Artist in Residence for the State of West Virginia. Changing directions and longing to be a painter, she headed West in 1986.

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    Just an amazing work of art.

    Amazing watercolor.

    Beautiful, can feel the quiet and almost a cricket.

    Beautiful approach - I feel the chill from the snow but the hints of the red background peeking through provide a lovely, warm contrast that's so inviting.

    Fun and very well done.