Stuart Shils


Stuart Shils is well known for his unique landscapes depicting the experience of Italy, Ireland, and his home terrain of urban Philadelphia where he grew up. He studied at the Philadelphia College of Art and The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts where he currently teaches on an ongoing basis.

Stuart offers compelling three-day workshops like the "The Perceptual Moment" and "Emphasizing Abstraction" through the Sedona Arts Center. Always a sensitive painter of the abstract, as seen through the composition in his urban work, and the dramatic weather depicted in his Irish coastal work. His Italian series seems to be bathed in warm-to-hot sunlight. An ever-evolving artist, his recent explorations have taken an even more abstract turn.

Inspired by work done on his monotype press, his paintings have become abstract fields of beautiful hues, and textures with small accents of surprise that punctuate and shape the broad environments of color. Even more recently, his photography of collages in the making and ever changing street scenes reveal an alert eye that constantly sees the shifting compositions of daily life, revealing just how they can be plucked out of context by the camera, leaving the scene undisturbed.

Shils has shown his work at Rothschild Gallery, Tel Aviv, Tibor de Nagy, NY and Hackett-Freedman in San Francisco among others. He has been awarded numerous grants for his work including awards from the Pollack-Krasner Foundation, the Ballington Arts Foundation and the NEA Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation. He has been a visiting artist at numerous colleges and arts organizations including University of Washington, Hamline University, Lyme Academy School of Arts, University of Utah, Johns Hopkins University, and the Sedona Arts Center. He is conducting workshops at the Sedona Arts Center in the spring semester of 2018. Learn more about his three day workshops HERE.

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