Morgan Samuel Price

Morgan Samuel Price

Often called “Florida’s Painter,” Morgan Samuel Price is a master artist renowned for her signature style and painting workshops held across the globe. Her notable accomplishments are many, including participation in over 60 national exhibitions, author of two books, and numerous online videos and instructional DVDs. She also served as Juror of Final Awards in the 7th Annual Raymar Competition.

Morgan Samuel Price’s professional career began after graduation from the Ringling School of Art in 1968. She worked at Hallmark Cards as an illustrator and as art director of the News Herald in Like County, Ohio. Following a move to Ardmore, Oklahoma with her young family, she decided to become a fine artist, even though it was a town with no art galleries, art centers, or art stores. However, such minor challenges were not about to slow her down; by the time Morgan left Ardmore, she was conducting art programs for a variety of professional groups as well as individuals. Morgan left Ardmore with 4 flourishing art stores because practically everyone in town had started painting. She had succeeded in transforming a small town in Oklahoma into a town with a thriving visual arts culture— before the age of 30!

Morgan is known to say: "It is not what you see, but how you see it. You don't need to go to the Grand Canyon to see beautiful. It is right outside your door."

The flow of light across shapes in a scene motivates Morgan to paint; she sees light as a tool with which to explore the visual pleasure of movement over objects. Capturing that movement sets the time of day; retention of one's choice of actual time creates a plausible illusion. The painting is never about the subject; Morgan says, "it's about the physical sensation of temperature felt, and the sense of presence enjoyed."

Morgan is a member of many art societies including Salmagundi Club NYC, Allied Artists NYC, and American Society of Marine Artists & Oil Painters of America.



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