Carol Marine (a Painting A Day)

Carol Marine portraitFrom October 2006, professional artist Carol Marine has created one small painting—almost every day! Through this dedicated process, she has achieved amazing success as an artist with a large and loyal following. In addition to her massive body of work which includes hundreds of strikingly beautiful paintings, she is also known for her quickly sold-out workshops and a wealth of personally authored training materials covering her tried and true methods: books, videos online tutorials, and more. On top of that, avid collectors buy almost everything she paints, just as fast as she can paint and post it for sale.

Among Carol's books are seven books with collections of 100 of her favorite daily paintings. She has also written a book for Random House called “Daily Painting: Paint Small and Often To Become a More Creative, Productive, and Successful Artist” (available at Amazon). She also has a collection of ArtBytes (online tutorials) for sale as well as free of charge.

Carol stands out from the crowd in the way that she generously shares everything she has learned over time with other fellow artists — the intimate knowledge that has led to her success. For aspiring painters this is invaluable. It allows otherwise newbies to significantly advance, avoiding the typical, and often discouraging, trial and error phase. As a young art student, Carol observed the professors at her university were more interested in discussing concepts surrounding art rather than actually teaching the hands-on process of creating it. It was not until she started painting small and often — daily— that her art career turned the corner and really took off.

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painting by Carol Marine

Above: Painting a Day - example of a daily painting by Carol Marine.

Upcoming Workshops by Carol Marine:

August 7-11, 2017: Eugene, OR - more info - FULL w/ wait list