Bill Cramer

Artist Bill Cramer painting

Professional painter Bill Cramer always had an interest in exploring nature and creating art. Growing up in Southern California, he became an experienced rock climber, spending much of his youth scaling mountains surrounded by breathtaking views in the heart of the majestic American West.  This gave him a perspective of the world that few others would experience.  

Bill received a fine arts degree from California State University Long Beach and later moved to Prescott, Arizona with his wife Michelle to be closer to the scenery they both enjoyed.  It was there that Bill discovered the joys and challenges of landscape painting, his outdoor experiences providing much of the insight and inspiration expressed in his art.  He believes that painting on location and in the studio are complimentary pursuits, each enriching the other. The opportunity to experience and paint some of the most scenic places in America has contributed greatly to his artistic growth.

"Any landscape worth painting is more than the obvious visual elements. The push of an evening breeze, the feel of sun baked sandstone, the scent of sagebrush or the sound of a raven suddenly overhead are examples of the many unseen elements that inform my work. I’m satisfied when a painting is as rich as the landscape that inspired it. My goals are to keep exploring the Southwest’s wild places, search for new ideas and express what I find exciting about landscapes and about painting.”

Bill Cramer plein air GC Image for Workshop

Today with his wife and two daughters, Sarah and Megan, Bill divides his time between family, art and outdoor pursuits.

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