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    Lisa Mann

    Lisa Mann, abstract painter

    In addition to being a counselor, an educator, a mom, and a traveler, Lisa Mann has been an artist for her entire life.

    Her work has been influenced by travel to places that "bring us out of our comfort zone," and connecting with the natural world in diverse places. Lisa strives to "walk the line between what we see and what we perceive."

    Her process involves combining cold wax paste (beeswax with a small amount of solvent) and oil paints. Cold wax paste has a soft, buttery consistency. When Lisa intuitively layers and textures the paste with oil paints, the effect is magical.

    Lisa says, "At some point in each piece the paint and the wax begin to really 'speak,' and I respond and paint based on not only what I originally intended, but what is organically emerging in front of me. The wax allows for some transparency of the colors and for the different layers to show through, adding depth to the painting. Like a story being written—layer upon layer—a painting is created and then scraped back to reveal pieces of its past."

    Lisa currently exhibits her work in a number of contemporary fine art galleries across the US. See more about her background and affiliations and view website here:


    My Aqua Journey by Lisa Mann

    Above: My Aqua Journey by Lisa Mann. Oil, cold wax, 30" x 40".
    See additional Lisa Mann paintings at: https://www.lisamannfineart.com

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