Tom Shropshire

Tom Shropshire Professional Artist

Professional artist Tom Shropshire is an award-winning contemporary impressionist whose works includes vivid impressionistic paintings of city nocturnes, moody, atmospheric landscapes, and luminous abstract expressionist works nuanced by elements of myth, dream and fantasy.

Speaking of his abstract paintings, Tom explains, "Although I am primarily known as a contemporary impressionist painter, I have also been an abstract expressionist painter since the sixties. I cannot be confined to one or the other, so I embrace them both with joy! I currently paint many realistic subjects as well I guess you could label me a representational or realist painter. Forget all the labels and just look."

A favored quote: "Realism and abstractionism are not enemies. They eat out of the same dish; but their digestive systems are different." — Leo Stein.

A lifetime artist, Shropshire’s career began early. By the age of thirteen, Shropshire had his first professional art training in adult studio classes with renowned Milwaukee watercolorist Earl Gessert. By age fifteen, he had an agent in Chicago, a solo exhibition of his work, and was competing and winning awards in exhibitions at a national level. His career has spanned over five decades and continues to evolve even today.

Tom is also author of the art instruction book “Acrylic Landscapes,” in the best selling Walter Foster How to Draw and Paint series.

Tom began as drawing and painting as a child. He points out this is not uncommon, but: "Almost every artist’s biography states that the artist began at an early age. Picasso once said, 'Every child is an artist.' The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. Or …choose not to grow up. Unless you’re Peter Pan, it’s going to happen."

Tom never wavered from the simple desire to make art his entire life. He was constantly sketching and found the secret is to do the thing that you love and never stop learning and improving. Tom declares, "Some call it talent; I call it dedication and practice."

Tom continues in his artist statement: "I am a painter of contemporary night city scenes, atmospheric landscapes and narrative works inspired by pop culture, film, and pulp fiction. I try to express mystery, beauty, and wonder in all my work. I love the rain, moonlight and fog more than blue skies and sunshine, and I always have. City lights glittering like broken glass have also fascinated me. The sparkle of city lights, flashing signs, and the pulsing glow of traffic, create a sense of excitement and an underlying feeling of danger and edginess that is almost intoxicating! I love the romance of the city at night. When I look at other artist's paintings I don’t care about their rhetoric, philosophy, biography or fame — I only care about how well they can paint, if I like what they paint, and if I feel an emotional response to their work. Feel free to judge me by the same standards."

Sacred Bundles by Tom Shropshire

Sacred Bundles, Acrylic on Canvas, 24" x 36" x 1.5".

"There is a Native American theme to this work. Sacred Bundles refers to medicine bundles. A medicine bundle is a wrapped package used by Native Americans for religious purposes. A package of this type can also be referred to as a medicine bag, and is simply a collection of objects which symbolize a spiritual path." — Tom Shropshire

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