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    Leah Dockrill

    Leah Dockrill professional artist 300w

    Leah Dockrill was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She obtained her early education there and went on to earn education and law degrees at Dalhousie University, Halifax, and a library science degree at the University of Alberta, Edmonton.

    With little formal training in art, she has developed a thirty-year art practice that includes painting, collage, and digital art. Leah’s art has been exhibited in Canada and the U.S. in commercial galleries, online galleries and public institutions.

    She has won numerous awards, including the Gold Artist Award, ArtAscent: Journal of Art & Literature, August, 2018 and her art images have been published in several other art and literature journals, most recently, The Esthetic Apostle, Glassworks Magazine, Split Rock Review, and Mud Season Review.

    Leah has been an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists since 2000. Leah and her husband live in Toronto, Canada.

    Learn more about Leah Dockrill and visit her website: http://leahdockrill.net



    "Migraine" by Leah Dockrill, 36" x 24", Acrylic, Mixed-Media.



     "The Lady Aleph" by Leah Dockrill,  30" x 30", mixed media.


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