Ellie Harold

Ellie Harold

Award winning artist Ellie Harold paints vibrant landscapes, still life, and abstractions in oil. Based in Frankfort, Michigan, near Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, she is known for her insightful art retreats, open-to-visitors studio gallery, and is the author of two books, including most recently "7 Habits of Deeply Fulfilled Artists: Your Aesthetic Needs & How to Meet Them."

Ellie explains her process of creating: "My way of painting is both daunting and fulfilling—it's a constant exploration of the Mystery of creation. Often, what appears at first seems chaotic and out of control. But, then, later in the process, after much concealing and revealing, something unexpected happens. Luminous layering, coupled with invited accidents, creates rich texture thus satisfying my taste for a painting that delights and surprises while also pointing to something deeper."

Ellie spent most of her life in the Atlanta, Georgia area, but today she resides in Frankfort, a quiet town in northern Michigan about 4 blocks from a beautiful Lake Michigan beach. In summer, she plunges in the chilly water most every day. Hundreds of people come to visit her Studio & Gallery each year, mostly when the weather is good, but more often these days even in the bleak of winter.

Ellie enjoys teaching in workshop settings, and years ago she began offering Open Studio Workshops in Michigan, then recently added an Art Retreat in San Miguel de Allende, MX. Ellie comments, "As this format evolves, I find myself integrating painting technique with exercises designed to work with the psychological and spiritual side of art-making. It’s very exciting to see participants break through their perfectionism, fear, doubt and other inner obstacles to creating. I put myself through similar paces to keep breaking through whatever seems to get in my way. You can read more about my approach to the art life in my book, "7 Habits of Deeply Fulfilled Artists: Your Aesthetic Needs & How to Meet Them."

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