Nelya Akimova

Nelya Akimova

Nelya Akimova is an award winning artist whose paintings are presented in the renowned Agora Gallery, located in the heart of New York City’s renowned Chelsea art district, home to some of the world’s most prestigious galleries.

Prior to her career as an artist, Nelya worked for more than 20 years as the regional manager with an international pharmaceutical company based in Central Siberia, an area with a population of over 10 million people. She gained great experience communicating with people of different ages and status (from young employees to professors and directors of clinics). This experience now helps her explore and display the emotions of people on her canvases.

Nelya dreamed of living in Prague, capital and largest city in the Czech Republic, since 2013 and five years later, left her job and moved with her family to this most beautiful and mystical city. Here, she began her path as an artist.

Nelya explains, "Siberia is my homeland. Who was there in the winter, never forgets the vastness and purity of the snowy expanses. And, as a contrast, concrete structures rise among snow. This magic remains with you for the rest of your life. I want to convey it in my canvases."

She continues with a favorite quote:
"You know, you think of Siberia, and it's more a construct of the mind than it is a place on the map, but it is very much a place on the map. It's just not a specific place. No place is called — officially called Siberia. There's no state called Siberia. But it has always existed as this mythical place, and I've always been fascinated with places that are both mythical and real, that you can go to but also have this mythic component." IAN FRAZIER

​Nelya tells her story: "My grandmother was an Altai healer (Altai is a part of Siberia). My father told me something from his childhood. When he was a little boy there were always other children in their house who my grandmother treated for stuttering. And I feel a certain energy that leads me. I think this is the inheritance of my grandmother, transmitted through the love of my father. I dedicated one of my paintings to her.

Having received the education as a children's doctor, I pulled out a happy life ticket and I began to work for an international pharmaceutical company. Sales, conferences, business trips, reports, business plans, fails and successes, stability and confidence in the future ... It has been for 20 years in such a way. Excellent school of life, without it, the maturity does not come.

But a few years ago, the inner voice firmly and insistently demanded a step into a new life. It was fearful. I resisted. I strongly stuck on stability. However the universe inexorably pushed me. At first, timidly, then considerably, I began to dive into myself, to hear my inner voice, which I had run for years from. And as soon as I allowed myself to talk to myself, I felt an angel on my shoulder - everything began to take shape in one amazing puzzle: leaving work, moving to the Czech Republic, getting unbridled passion for painting ... I reflected this process in my canvas 'The Illusion of Safety.'"

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