Heather Arenas

Heather Arenas professional artist

Award-winning professional artist Heather Arenas is known for paintings distinguished by dramatic lighting and mood. She writes, “It doesn’t matter what the subject is. I am attracted to the way light dances along the object. In my eyes it sparkles and I get taken in.”

Like most artists, Heather began her love of art very early in life. Her grandmothers and her parents were influential and endlessly provided her with books, crafts, supplies and encouragement. She, of course was advised to follow a different path as she began her post high school education. Her ever present interest of the human form led her to briefly attend med school. Her studies of anatomy, art history and ceramics were a clue that art was her calling and should be followed through. Heather’s path has taken time with many twists and turns only to bring to light that oil painting excited her as much as the figure, and so she began her career as a professional oil painter.

Heather Arenas currently teaches painting workshops at home and abroad and offers numerous instructional videos on painting. A favorite quote from a collector of Heather Arenas' work: “When I look at your work it almost makes me want to cry.” Arenas says, “To touch someone at that level is the ultimate complement as an artist.”

Heather believes her success comes from her insatiable desire to learn, her friendly outgoing personality and giddiness for trying new things. She says, “For me, painting is a never-ending marvelous journey. There is no end to the avenues I can explore.”


Shows and Awards:

  • Gateway Intl, Oct 2019, "A Small Offering", Finalist
  • WAOW Fall Online 2019, “Left Turn, Clyde”, Best of Show
  • Identity Portrait Competition September 2019, “I’ve Got This!”, Grand Prize
  • WAOW National Juried Exhibition 2019, "Blush", Pursuit of Beauty award
  • Gateway Intl, June 2019, “Moth-Winged Thoughts Carry Me Away”, Finalist
  • AWA Spring Online 2019, “I’ve Got This”, Finalist
  • Gateway Intl, 2017-2018 Grand Finale, "Red In The Sun", 3rd Place
  • WAOW Spring Online 2018 for “Modern Day Venus”, Honorable Mention
  • Gateway Intl Painting Contest, December 2017 for “Passion”, Finalist
  • Gateway Intl Painting Contest, November 2017 for “Red in the Sun”, Finalist
  • Sedona Art Prize, August 2017 for "It Takes All Kinds", Finalist
  • Sedona Art Prize, June 2017 for "Red in the Sun", Finalist
  • Bold Brush, May 2017 For "Oscar and Sharon's Big Day Out", Best of Show
  • AWA Spring Online 2017, “Fisherman at Rest”, Finalist
  • Sedona Art Prize, May 2017 for "Colorful Subject", Finalist
  • WAOW Nat. Juried Exhibition 2016 for "Home on the Range", Art of the West Editor's Choice
  • AWA National Juried Exhibition 2016 for "Orange Taffeta", Finalist
  • WAOW Hot Summer Nights 2016 for "After the Dance", Best Overall
  • WAOW Hot Summer Nights 2016 for "31st and Lexington", Honorable Mention
  • OPA Online Showcase Spring 2016 "Belizean Chef", Honorable Mention
  • AWA Spring Online Show 2016 for "Margaritas in Tubac", Finalist
  • FASO August 2015 Bold Brush for “After the Lunch Rush” Finalist
  • Finalist, Bold Brush May 2015 for "Angel in Disguise"
  • Honorable Mention, CFAI Figurative show May 2015 for "Lady in Red"
  • Finalist, AWA Spring Online Show 2015 for "Farmers Market Flowers"
  • 2nd Place, WAOW Spring Online show 2015 for “Farmers Market Flowers”
  • 3rd Place, Bold Brush January 2013 for "Ponytail"
  • Jury Award Women Artists of the West 43rd National Exhibition 2013 for “Tapestry”
  • Best Figurative and Wet Wall Painting of the Day Alla Prima Westcliffe, 2013

To learn more about Heather Arenas, and view her paintings and list of accomplishments, visit her website: https://www.heatherarenas.com

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