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    Judges selected for The Gateway International Painting Competition are career art professionals with established credentials, significant accomplishments and or awards, popular workshops and/or publications related to fine art painting. Judging includes expertise, evaluation, selection, and written reviews on each finalist painting. Judges are announced in advance of the month's competition. Additionally, we strive to select professional artist judges who are known for their fairness and objectivity.


    • Special dedicated publicity page with photos/video and link to judge's website from PaintingContest.Org.
    • Promotion of the judge's upcoming event or workshop in the PaintingContest.Org calendar of events.
    • $10 off coupon code to be used at PaintingContest.Org (for either membership or painting entry).
    • Promotion of judge in social media (Facebook, Instagram).

    Special Rule #1 for Judges: If ARTIST A is awarded a cash award by a judge who is ARTIST B, and ARTIST A is later a judge, then ARTIST A may not award a cash prize to ARTIST B in any time period within 12 months.

    Special Rule #2 for Judges: In choosing a group of monthly finalist paintings, choose only one painting by any particular artist in a given month.

    In choosing one Best in Show finalist, Judge is encouraged to choose up to 3 potential Best in Show winners. PaintingContest.Org staff will check to ensure the Judge's final selection adheres to the rules of this competition (such as ensuring it is original artwork, no digital art or painted-over photos, age of the painting conforms to the rules, etc.) prior to announcement of winners. Judge chooses up to 6 finalist paintings and writes a comment about each, but not to exceed 6 finalist paintings. However, Judge may also designate additional "runners up" beyond the 6 finalists.

    JUDGING CRITERIA: Paintings will be judged according to excellence in the following areas: color, values, composition, treatment of subject matter (mood), creativity/originality, and overall execution/presentation. Drawing competence is also considered when viewing representational works.


    • Best In Show: Cash prize in USD (US dollar) paid promptly to winner via PayPal or check.
    • All Finalists (including Best in Show) receive 1 free painting entry credit with special paid promotion in social media;
    • Gold-border certificate mailed to all finalists acknowledging finalist status.

    (If over 300 paintings entered that month, staff works with monthly judge to narrow.)

    ANNUAL GRAND PRIZE WINNERS (All finalist paintings compete for 1st, 2nd, 3rd)

    • Special recognition award;
    • Cash Award to 1st, 2nd, 3rd place;
    • Publicity campaign in social media.

    Tim Ernster, 928-201-5082, and Victoria Oldham, 928-282-4326


     Entry fees from PaintingContest.org contribute to our mission to discover and support youth and emerging artists living in places or countries without easy access to art supplies or art instruction. How? By funding the design and donation of art kits with a guided project and art supplies. Each kit includes a non-toxic watercolor paint set, watercolor brush, 140 lb. archival-quality watercolor paper, and instructional guide.  See a Sample Project HERE.

    Cash award to monthly Best in Show winner. All monthly finalists win a free promoted painting entry, are chosen and critiqued by a different professional artist judge each month, and compete for Grand Prizes awarded in August. Artists may offer to sell their paintings or print reproductions and keep 100% if sold.
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    Latest Reviews by Member Artists

    Just an amazing work of art.

    Amazing watercolor.

    Beautiful, can feel the quiet and almost a cricket.

    Beautiful approach - I feel the chill from the snow but the hints of the red background peeking through provide a lovely, warm contrast that's so inviting.

    Fun and very well done.